Yukon is a spring bean with the earliest ripening (9) on the 2020 PGRO Recommended List (RL) with the added benefits of the highest Downy mildew resistance rating (8) and a high thousand seed weight.

Growers Alex and Robert Brewster, who farm near Dunfermline, Fife grew 14.2 ha of the spring bean, newly-added to the PGRO RL in 2020, and their experience confirmed the trials results.

“We drilled the Yukon on 25th March, in line with most other spring bean growers round here,” said Alex and Robert. “Our yield was very respectable with a shade more than 5t/ha.

“What was even better was that we harvested on 15th September – that’s 14 days before most of the other growers in the area – which is a valuable practical benefit for us.”

”And it was a dream to cut, with the pods starting higher up the plant than other varieties we have grown, and it produced a big, bold sample.

David Waite, Regional Seed Manager, of Frontier Agriculture who supplied the seed, agreed with the Brewster’s comment, “Yukon has an excellent thousand seed weight (605) which certainly adds to its marketability.

“Its early harvest is a great plus for growers in the Borders and Scotland as the Brewster’s crop in Fife proved – they were pleased with both the yield and the earliness of their crop.

“We are planning an increased area of Yukon for 2021 drilling as we prepare for a full launch of the variety.”

Craig Padley of the variety’s breeders LSPB added, “In addition to its earliness, Yukon has a highest-on-RL rating of ‘9’ for Downy mildew resistance, so we believe it also has a good place for southern spring bean growers as well as for the north of England and Scotland.”

LSPB Yukon – produced a big, bold sample

LSPB Yukon – yield was over 5t/ha

David Waite – Frontier Agriculture