Two spring bean varieties, Genius and Futura, from breeders LS Plant Breeding Ltd (LSPB) have been added to the 2023 PGRO Descriptive List (DL) now their National List status has been granted.

Michael Shuldham, LSPB product manager, explains: “both these varieties went through the same trials as all the varieties added to the DL in November but could not be added then pending national listing.

Genius now jumps straight to the top of the list as the highest yielding spring bean (110) just a shade above its stablemate Lynx. While Futura also gets a high ranking as fourth in yield (106) and is the highest yielding LVC (low vicine/convicine) variety on the list.”

Genius has the same maturity as Lynx (6) with good standing ability (8), and Futura has a similar maturity (7) with the same standing ability as Genius.

What is notable about Futura is that it shows how the LVC varieties have now all-but-equalled the traditional varieties in yield while adding their extra marketability.

Michael Shuldham comments, “when LVC varieties were first introduced, despite their market pluses, they were lower in the yield ratings. However, Futura and Victus – our other LVC variety on the DL – now compare with the best and our breeding programme promises more to come.”